New Spectre Trailer Description - 7 Things You Need To Know

Secret bases, a trap for Bond and more...

We've already had a couple of trailers for Spectre (a moody teaser and bombastic main trail), as well as a few TV spots that flesh out various elements of the movie, but that's not the end the marketing blitz for the new 007 film, oh no. There's a third trailer incoming and, let me just say, if you're not already at peak excitement for Bond 24, you will be after seeing it. The new trailer was screened to press and industry as part of an IMAX event in London (where it looked awesome). Shorter than the previous extended look, it dispenses with the focus on the titular terrorist organisation's Rome meeting and instead takes in the wider scope of the film, revealing a lot about Spectre's action sequences, characters and locations (as well as including a bit more time on that scene where Bond sees his name written on the wall, because, y'know, tie-ins). It's expected to be released online in the next couple of days, but before then here's a breakdown of the key new things we learned. There's no doubt a lot more hidden in there that will be picked up once the trailer hits, so be sure to stick with WhatCulture for all things Spectre.

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