New TERMINATOR Movie To Bring Back It's Whole Original Cast?

Yup, I thought that headline title might just grab your attention but I swear it's not a joke. Latino Review say the hot pitch for the fifth Terminator movie that's been making the studio rounds this week from Fast Five director Justin Lin with Arnold Schwarzenegger attached to return in his signature role, has the working title 'Terminator 2012' and then they dropped the following bombshell. The movie will involve time travel (naturally) but will be set in the present day with the "entire original cast" attached, according to the pitch. What that specifically means is a little unclear but Latino Review claim this story comes from a very real and trusted source and they suggest it means Linda Hamilton (as Sarah Connor) and Michael Biehn (as Kyle Reese) are likely to return, possibly Edward Furlong too (John Connor). How, what, HOW?!? LR suggest the time travel conceit is used to take the narrative back before the events of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and somehow dramatically change the universe in a J.J. Abrams Star Trekian influenced mode, conveniently bringing back Sarah Connor and freeing up the storytelling possibility's. So many questions... right? You can read Latino Review's report HERE - and also our article earlier in the week about the Arnie's return to the franchise HERE. We'll comment some more when something concrete comes through but for now, just how CAN a Terminator 2012 movie exist with Arnie as a cyborg when the actor is more than 25 years older than he was the first time around?
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