Next James Bond Film: 10 Predictions For Post-Daniel Craig Era

9. Paloma Returns & Becomes The New Felix

No Time To Die James Bond

By far one of the most acclaimed aspects of No Time to Die is the brief appearance by CIA agent Paloma (Ana de Armas), a new recruit who fleetingly teams up with Bond in Cuba.

Beyond the fact that Paloma is an amusing subversion of typical eye candy "Bond girls," what with her uncommonly cordial, professional relationship with 007, she also manages to kick a ton of ass while looking spectacular in a cocktail dress.

So brilliant was the character for her 10 minutes of screen time that many fans immediately lamented she wasn't in the film more, especially considering the possibility that the next film will push the hard reset button and not bring her or anyone else back.

But given the overwhelmingly positive response to Paloma, it seems incredibly likely she will return for the next chapter of Bond films, effectively serving as a new version of Felix Leiter.

It'd be fun if, in the next film, Bond gets a message to meet up with Felix only to be greeted by Paloma, who in Felix's honour has adopted his moniker as a codename. Keeping her in the mix as an assist character who shows up for an extended cameo in each film makes so, so much sense.


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