Noomi Rapace Is Back For Alien: Covenant (But Only In A Cameo)

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It's like Ross and Rachel, except Ross is a body-less android leaking milk-like fluid and Rachel is a high-IQ-low-common-sense astronaut who can recover from an emergency C-section in minutes; whether Noomi Rapace will reprise the role of Prometheus' Elizabeth Shaw for sort-of-sequel Alien: Covenant has been a proper "will-she-won't-she", with believable reports on both sides of the debate.

Well, now we have the closest to confirmation, with Deadline saying that she will indeed be filming on the set:

Sources say Rapace is in Australia and on the set to shoot weeks worth of scenes in Scott’s film, which brings back Fassbender’s robot character and has a cast that includes Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride and Demian Bichir.

OK, so we will see Shaw. What's so interesting, however, is the amount of time she's going to be in the movie - a week's filming is basically a glorified cameo. I already theorised that Covenant would be distancing itself from the tepidly-received Prometheus when it looked like Fassbender would be playing a different model of David android, and this only adds to that thinking; I wouldn't be surprised if Rapace is there to canonise the mythology of Prometheus before being offed. Just over a year until we find out.


Alien: Coventant is in cinemas from 4th August 2017.

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