Oscars 2013: 10 Predictions For Best Picture Nominees

If you're as much of a movie geek as I am (and I'd guess you are since you're clicking on this article), there's one question everyone loves to ask this time of year: "Who do you think will be nominated for the Oscars this year?" That said, the short, short answer is that you have a really good shot at being nominated for Best Picture if you are either a) based on a previously existing property - notably a book or musical - with a hefty following or b) based on the life of a historial figure/event or c) the filmmaker leading the project has won an Oscar before.

But say your inquisitor isn't into the whole brevity thing... well, then you're going to need a shortlist. To save some time and stoke the debate fires further before the nominations hit the internet next week, this humble narrator is going to offer out some Oscar picks ranging from the predictable to the... well, slightly less predictable (and a couple fanboy favorites, just for kicks). Let's take a look, shall we?
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