Oscars 2014: 10 Underdogs Who Might Get Surprise Nominations

Sorting out the unlikely from the improbably before the names are drawn tomorrow.

Tomorrow the Oscar nominations are announced, and all of that annual posturing, campaigning and predicting will be over for everyone who follows, votes for and hopes for a nomination. As usual, you can expect a lot of complaining about what got snubbed and those brilliant performances that didn't make the cut, but ahead of that, it's time to refresh our memories about some underdog films and performances that just might sneak in the back door and score a nod. All of these films are sitting on the periphery, having enjoyed their fair share of critical acclaim, yet it would still certainly be a surprise if they managed to nudge out some of their better known competitors who are far more likely to be nominated. We all like surprises, so hopefully at least a couple of these will come true tomorrow. Also, if there any other surprises you're crossing your fingers for, let me know in the comments below!

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