Oscars 2016: 8 Biggest Mistakes The Academy Made

There'll be a journalistic expose on how Mad Max didn't win.

For all the controversy, the Oscars 2016 will ultimately go down in history as the year Leo finally won. The whole "#OscarsSoWhite" debacle hung over the ceremony like a bad smell that some people wanted to just address, while others would happily plug their nose, but by the end of it all people could say was, "thank f*ck all those Leonardo NoOscaro jokes are going to go away." Leonardo DiCaprio has his Oscar. Good. Now we can all move on with our lives (where the f*ck is Gary Oldman's Academy Award?!). What makes it so unbearably satisfying is that he got it for the right movie. It wasn't an honorary award or a consolation prize for missing out previously; The Revenant is a great movie and Leo's performance is a key (if not total) part of its success. But not every choice made on the night was quite as on-point as it should have been. The 88th Academy Awards had quite a few mistakes, with awards going to the wrong film even with the already shaky shortlist. In the wake of Mad Max's technical sweep and Spotlight's shock win (oh, and that's in there), here's the eight biggest the Academy made this year.

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