Oscars 2017: 8 Things The Academy Screwed Up

Wrong envelope, wrong Best Picture, wrong dead lady.

Oscar Moonlight

When the dust settles, 2017's Oscars will go down as one of the most progressive ceremonies so far: after a year marred by racial controversy, they evened the keel, opening their eyes to more diverse productions (which the studios seemed to push more, rather helpfully) and casting off the #OscarsSoWhite nastiness of 2016.

Unfortunately, they're still run by The Academy, and an Oscar ceremony without something massively wrong would be like a Disney film not winning Best Animated Feature. Unthinkable, grotesque, illogical.

So it's lucky that the Gods Of Fortune smiled mischievously on the event to make up for the good progressive work, causing one of the most memorable, ridiculous moments in Oscar history. And that's not even to mention the Academy's usual knack for picking entirely the wrong winner in at least a handful of their own categories.

You can't depend on much in Hollywood these days, but you can bet your house on the Oscars screwing several things up every year. At least it was morbidly entertaining this year...


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