Oscars 2018: 10 Best Actor Candidates You Need To Know

May the best man win the little gold man.

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The net remains wide open for actors eager to leap into this year's Oscar pool. Nevertheless, waves of critical acclaim and public support are shifting the tide towards ten remarkable talents.

Audiences catch fall and winter releases in hopes of watching awards-caliber material. With inspirational stories and parts, the likely candidates for the 2018 Best Actor Oscar deliver their most compelling performances yet. Steering away from genre flicks or stepping into their first lead roles may result in them hooking one of the five coveted spots on the ballot.

Multiple performers are angling for attention in a competitive field. Moviegoers must wait to see if some of the top thespians of their generation can meet their expectations. On the other hand, lesser known artists will be putting a toe into the pool with the possibility of inaugural nominations.

Their respective projects range from horror films to biographies but they all possess widespread appeal. The powerful plots allow the actors to transform, triumph, and take on their cinematic foes. In the current roster of men casting their lines in for a chance to win an Academy Award, there's no weak link.

Whether they've missed the boat before or they're hoping the Academy takes their bait for the first time, these 2018 candidates are capable of reeling in Hollywood's highest honor.

10. Tom Hanks - The Post

Bill Skarsgard It Pennywise
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If all goes according to plan, a familiar cinematic team should find success again with The Post. The duo behind multiple winner Saving Private Ryan, Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, seek to make headlines via another much anticipated historical film.

The Oscars traditionally gravitate towards the weighty issues and monumental moments chronicled in The Post. Hanks stars as Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee trying to weather the storm of the notable Pentagon Papers scandal. Governmental threats, a host of lies, and censorship revolve around Bradlee's quest to publish the controversial documents. The movie's themes reflect contemporary concerns and are certain to make an imprint on Academy voters.

Two-time winner Hanks is surrounded by a staff of experts.Their craftmanship is sure to highlight Hanks' talents. Perennial nominee Meryl Streep plays a prominent role as editor Katherine Graham. Graham was Bradlee's courageous ally, which provides a wealth of opportunities for the two actors to amaze audiences as onscreen partners.

Spielberg's directorial prowess often produces instant classics in the historical genre. The auteur who spearheaded Lincoln, Saving Private Ryan, and Schindler's List knows how to craft scenes that illuminate actors in the midst of harrowing drama. Spielberg even roped in one of his finest collaborators. The Post will be scored by the legendary John Williams. Hanks can't go wrong with a litany of virtuosos recreating the Washington D.C.-based world of The Post.

As the year nears towards the deadline for nominations, Hanks' name stands a healthy chance of hitting the press as an honoree.

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