Oscars 2018: Who Should Win Every Award (And Who Actually Will)

23. Makeup And Hairstyling

Darkest Hour Gary Oldman
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Nominees: Darkest Hour, Victoria & Abdul, Wonder

Who Should Win

Darkest Hour

All have their merits, but there's only one that has really stood out over the past few months and that's Darkest Hour, which placed star Gary Oldman under the heaviest of prosthetics. It may be seen by some as a cheap trick, but it helped completely transform Oldman into Winston Churchill, and while the film is out of its depth in the Best Picture race, it deserves some recognition here.

Who Will Win

Darkest Hour

This is a category that often has very little relation to the rest of the ceremony, as evidenced by Suicide Squad's win last year. However, Darkest Hour's Best Picture and Best Actor nominations should help it here, since it means more voters will have seen it and, more specifically, Gary Oldman, with the work done to turn him into Winston Churchill very memorable.


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