Oscars 2020: Predicting All The Nominees

The sure-thing locks and big surprises to expect for the 92nd Academy Awards.

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Awards season is in full swing right now, with the Golden Globes having "clarified" the picture moving forward, while the Producers Guild of America, Screen Actors Guild, Directors Guild of America, Writers Guild of America, and BAFTA will unveil their awards in the coming weeks ahead of "The Big One."

Nobody loves a predictable Oscar season, and mercifully this year has been a tough one to call, with declared early frontrunners ultimately losing some steam, while a few latecomers have benefited from smart marketing campaigns which have pushed them ahead of the pack.

Per this year's mercifully truncated awards calendar, the 92nd Academy Awards will take place from Hollywood's lush Dolby Theatre on February 9, and once again will be foregoing a host, as went surprisingly smoothly last year.

With voting for the nominations phase now closed, we're mere days away from the Oscar nominees being announced at the crack of American dawn on January 13, but who will actually make the cut?

Taking a close look at the race so far, here's who you should expect to see in the lineup, and which surprises to keep your eyes peeled for...

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