Oscars 2014: 10 Hopeful Best Picture Contenders

The 10 movies we think are gonna get a shot at the title come nominations time...

It's almost that time of year when the Academy announces which of last year's films are up for the biggest accolade in the film industry. January 16th seems so close and yet so far for anyone who watches over the Oscar proceedings. For those who like to predict the contenders, this can be a frustrating time, both in trying to guess what the Academy is thinking this year and in watching their eventual decision with either glee or anger. One thing is for certain: some films have better odds stacked in their favour than others, and today we're going to do some handicapping for the Best Picture race. Now this isn't exactly a science per se, but taking into consideration the Golden Globe nominees, it's possible to take an estimated guess at which films might well be up for consideration. The Globes are usually a good indicator as to where the Academy will place their votes, but the Academy ultimately does differ as it is a Domestic jury for the US - which is a contrast to the Golden Globes being run by the Hollywood Foreign Press. That aside, here's the list of 10 hopefuls and likely bets for the Best Picture accolade at this year's Academy Awards, in order of their likeliness from Dead Certs to black horses...

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