Paul W.S. Anderson’s Films Ranked From Worst To Best

Where the word "Best" becomes very subjective.

resident evil afterlife
Screen Gems

There’s a certain group of auteur directors that film fans trust completely. If you're going to see a new movie by David Fincher, Martin Scorsese or Quentin Tarantino, odds are you’re to have a good time. There is, however, an alternate group of auteurs, whose names fill movie geeks with dread; names like Brett Rather, McG, Uwe Boll and Paul W.S. Anderson.

It’s a little unfair to lump Anderson in there, though, since he’s actually helmed a lot of fun movies. What his movies lack in depth, nuance or coherent plots, they make up for with gorgeous visuals, well-shot action sequences and a sense of trashy fun. They don’t always work, and he’s got a fair few duds to his name, but his movies often have a certain dopey charm to them that make them hard to hate.

So let’s go through this alternate auteur’s filmography and sort the enjoyably dumb from the dumbly enjoyable; which is easier said than done.

12. AVP: Alien Vs Predator

resident evil afterlife
20th Century Fox

Fans were clamouring for an Alien/Predator punch up ever since an alien skull showed up in a trophy case in Predator 2, but it took fourteen long years for it to happen. Unfortunately, it wasn’t worth the wait, with Anderson delivering a limp, forgettable PG-13 action film that just happens to have two sci-fi icons in it.

The rating is a big problem here since both franchises are inherently dark, violent affairs. AVP feels too clean and safe, robbing it of tension. The characters are a rather bland bunch too, featuring female scientist, blandly handsome scientist, Scottish bloke and Lance Henriksen in paycheck mode.

There a couple of decent fights and fancy visuals, but this long-awaited showdown was rightly panned by fans and critics alike, and is one of Anderson’s least entertaining efforts.

That being said, it’s a !*$% masterpiece compared to Alien Vs Predator: Requiem.


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