PIRANHA 3D Sequel Coming Next Summer

Like sharks smelling a few drops of blood in the ocean, it seems that Dimension Films have gone into a frenzy at the money and (surprisingly positive) reviews that this summer's brainless 'Piranha 3D' mustered at the box office. That money has pushed the decision to bring a sequel to the screen as early as next summer, with 'Feast' director John Gulager attached to direct the 'Saw' team Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan-written script.

It isn't really surprising, considering the $40m budgeted first (half for filming, half for marketing) has so far taken a fairly impressive $71m worldwide. And why would Dimension wait? There is no script yet, but then it isn't going to take too much for the writing team behind four 'Saw' films and 'Feast' to clunk their skulls together and offer something basic enough to fill the gaps between fishy attack scenes. It's scantily clad girls in water with CGI doing the rest, right?

A release date has been tentatively set for late August 2011, according to Deadline.

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