Predator Skulls: 10 Mistakes It Needs To Avoid

9. Don't Make it Jokey

The Predator

Shane Black famously appeared in the original Predator in a supporting role as Rick Hawkins, a character that injected some much needed levity into the proceedings early on. While Hawkins helped to balance what could have been a dour opening heavy on bloodshed, he was quickly dispatched and the film became much darker and serious in tone as the Predator made its presence known to Dutch's team.

Black appeared to learn all the wrong lessons from his time on the set of the original movie when he wrote and directed the 2018 update The Predator. The Predator is filled to the brim with frat-level humor and distasteful jokes at the expense of those suffering from tourette's syndrome. These failed attempts at comedy undercut any suspense the film managed to muster.

In the post-Marvel era, injecting humor into fantasy and sci-fi properties to give them more mass appeal is a common trope, but the Predator series thrives on serious action. Any humor should be used sparingly and be character-based or else the audience will be taken out of the experience, which could make the alien threat come across as silly instead of deadly.


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