Predicting How 2018's Biggest Movies Will End

Say farewell to J-Law.

X Men Apocalypse Mystique Jennifer Lawrence

With 2017 imminently coming to an end, movie studios are of course hard at work on their biggest releases due out over the next 12 months, from the latest Star Wars, Marvel, DC and X-Men movies through to anticipated franchise spin-offs and ambitious attempts to revive stagnant IP with glossy new entries.

2018 is going to be a huge year at the movies, and while the majority of these films are keeping plot details vague for the time being, there's certainly room to make educated guesses based on the source material, the nature of blockbuster filmmaking and, yes, a little good old-fashioned intuition.

How are 2018's biggest movies going to end? Who is going to die? Who will make surprise cameos? And just how will these films set the table for the next entry into their respective franchises?

Again, the end result could very well end up totally different, but with the information available to fans right now, conventional wisdom dictates at least a few of these will land on the money...

15. Bucky Gets Thawed Out - Black Panther

Avengers Infinity War Bucky
Marvel Studios

Captain America: Civil War's mid-credits scene saw Bucky being put into Wakandan deep freeze until a cure could be found for his brainwashing.

With the brand new Infinity War trailer showing off a very much alive-and-well Bucky, it makes sense that he's woken up sometime during Black Panther, most likely in another credits scene.

It's certainly possible that Bucky ends up being a surprisingly integral part of Black Panther's plot, though it's far more likely that his revival will be saved until the end of the movie, given that the film will reportedly be self-contained for the most part.

The jury's out on whether he'll be thawed because a cure has finally been found or because desperate measures are required ahead of Thanos' arrival, but either way, it's unlikely we'll head into Infinity War with Bucky still napping.


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