Predicting The Next 28 Movies Marvel Will Make Up To 2028

Kevin Feige says Marvel has a master-plan up until 2028 - but what would that look like exactly?

Planning too far ahead of time in Hollywood is often entirely pointless endeavour. Even nailed on successes can be deemed financial black-holes, and stories that set up cliffhangers for their inevitable sequels end up looking like foolish egotism when the plug is pulled. But that hasn't stopped Marvel's movie supremo Kevin Feige from making a bold, DC-baiting public announcement that his office now holds a 14 year plan for adapting the next Marvel properties, based on the unthinkable figure of 8,000 identified characters in the comic-books who could feature in standalone movies. In an interview with Businessweek, Feige mentions spin-offs, sequels, new properties, and an inter-linking narrative universe, and the most pertinent question of all is exactly how that map justifies such a lengthy prediction. Presumably, Marvel have some very clear ideas of where the MCU will go next, and based on hint we've seen so far, and how the comic book world could influence the MCU, we've put together one version of how the map could look. You have to suspect that somewhere on Feige's board he has some more fantasy choices, where ownership rights don't matter as much as they would in the real world, but too much speculation along those lines is folly until those issues are solved. But then, it is reasonable to perhaps assume that by 14 years time, Marvel could well have sorted out relationships with Sony and Fox to at least borrow some of their characters, so you can perhaps expect to see some special guest stars across the 28 films on this plan (following the 2 movies a year model currently in execution)...

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