Predicting Summer 2017's Highest Grossing Movies

Disney and Universal rake in the dough.


2017 is set to be a banner year for the worldwide box office, as Hollywood aims to break 2015's record of five movies grossing more than $1 billion. With Thor: Ragnarok, Justice League and Star Wars: The Last Jedi hitting cinemas near the end of the year, it's looking very likely we'll have at least six billion-dollar movies.

There's a good chance four of those movies will be locked down over the summer alone, with an absolutely stacked slate of long-awaited sequels due for release over the next 6 months.

While some films will inevitably surpass expectations while others will fall by the wayside due to bad reviews, unexpectedly inclement weather in major markets and over-performing competition, these are the 10 movies that seem absolute sure things as far as box office glory goes.

10. Cars 3 ($500 Million)

Cars 3
Disney Pixar

Why It'll Happen: Even with an intriguing marketing campaign that promises a return to form following the mediocre Cars 2, expect the third entry into the franchise to outgross the first film's $462.2 million, but fall short of the sequel's $562.1 million due to that sharp decline in quality turning some parents off.

In the last decade, only one Pixar movie has grossed less than $500 million (The Good Dinosaur), so the odds are definitely in its favour to crack the box office leaderboard.

Why It Might Not: It's entirely possible Cars 2 being totally forgettable could have a more adverse effect on third film's box office than expected and knock it out of 2017's top 10. Alternatively if it's critically panned that could potentially sink it, though it didn't seem to hurt Cars 2 too much.


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