Ranking 2015's Summer Blockbuster Films From Worst To Best

Not everything can be Mad Max: Fury Road, but does it have to be... Fantastic Four!?

You might not want to admit it, but yes, the summer blockbuster season has well and truly come to an end, and what a ride it's been. Like practically any summer of tentpole movies, it's been a wild mix of the unexpectedly brilliant, the acceptable-if-forgettable, and those terrible films you wish you could wipe from your memory. From an offputting number of reboots nobody cared about to highly anticipated sequels, comedies that marked the arrival of new talents, sophisticated animation and everything in-between, this summer has had it all, and though not everything quite hit the mark, there was basically something for everyone. It's now time to rank this summer's 20 big blockbusters, from the absolute worst to those films that weren't just the big-hitters of the warm months, but among the best of the year so far...

20. Hitman: Agent 47

It may not have been the worst-reviewed movie of the summer, but it came in at a firm second-place, and for video game fans (like yours truly), it undeniably felt like a massive betrayal. Expectations weren't exactly high for this second attempt to convert Hitman from a stealthy video game series into a high-octane action movie franchise, but even so, did the film need to accompany its braindead thrills with so much stupidity elsewhere? Most of the actors (especially Rupert Friend, who plays Agent 47) look half-asleep and thoroughly disinterested, the script is laughably abysmal, the $35 million budget is too low and results in some hysterically bad CGI, there's ridiculous product placement everywhere, and aside from the protagonist's attire, it basically doesn't resemble the video game one bit. Hell, he didn't even shave his head all the way. Again reinforcing Hollywood's abusive relationship with the video game industry, gamers the world over are still left waiting for their first undeniably great game adaptation. Assassin's Creed, maybe?

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