Ranking Aaron Sorkin Films From Worst To Best

8. The American President

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The American President is significant because of the fact it is a clear precursor to Sorkin's highly praised series The West Wing. Featuring classic walk and talk scenes through the White House the show would become famous for and even having Martin Sheen in the cast, The American President's best elements are those Sorkin would later repurpose for his hit series.

The film itself is about a widowed president Michael Douglas who falls for the outspoken and tenacious Annette Bening. Although Bening is charming and always great on screen, the romantic plot is sorely lacking compared to any of Sorkin's tightly written political conversations.

Douglas makes for a bland lead character which results in minimal chemistry with Bening and as a result the main driving narrative of the film is severely lacking in investment. Sorkin would later cut this kind of dead weight and focus primarily on the political intrigue for The West Wing which was a smart choice.


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