Ranking All Of Sean Bean's Movie Deaths From Lamest To Best

Every Sean Bean movie death ranked! Lord of the Rings, Goldeneye & more!

Lord of the Rings
New Line Cinema

When an experienced and well-loved actor has been around for a number of years, they can't help but be typecast or associated with a specific thing.

So let's play a little game: pick any actor and see what you, or the people around you, associate them with as soon as you say their name.

If you say Tom Cruise, I can guarantee you'll get an image of him of running whilst karate chopping the air. Nicholas Cage? Violent outbursts and bees. Sean Bean? I would be very surprised if anybody says anything other than death.

Indeed, the Sheffield-born superstar Sean Bean has played a variety of roles from Captains of Gondor to gritty gangsters and, more often than not, he is met with a gruesome demise.

I've done the maths and Bean has died a whopping 20 times and that's just in movies! This list will include 19 of those deaths because his death in Age of Heroes is done off screen.

After collating the data, the variety of these demises is indeed impressive as well. Times shot in the head: 4. Times shot below the head: 4. Animal related deaths: 2 (or 3 if you count an Uruk-Hai as an animal). Times impaled: 3. Times impaled and blown up: 1. He's also been buried twice, shot and hanged once, drowned once and frozen once.

Truly he has become a connoisseur of kicking the bucket, a beast at biting the dust and a professional at pushing up daisies but which of his many dreary deaths is truly the best?

19. Outlaw - Multiple Shots To The Chest

Lord of the Rings
Vertigo Films

We start with the most underwhelming Sean Bean death but one that, in a way, is almost comical.

When you think of Bean's demises you are right to assume that he normally goes out with a dramatic bang, but in the 2007 British crime thriller Outlaw, his death is more of a disappointing fizzle.

The film is about three men who are fed up with the ineptitude of the police and decide to take justice into their own hands. What follows is a semi-amusing story about these three street soldiers, trying desperately to clean up their filthy town. After getting a name for themselves, they get into a shoot out with the police which is where Sean Bean meets his end.

Much like his death in Lord of the Rings, Sean Bean is shot down whilst facing a whole battalion in the woods, but that's where the comparison ends. When he finally gets shot in the chest he drops to the floor out of frame. No slow motion, no musical crescendo just a shot to the chest and he hits the deck.

Setting: 8/10

Usefulness Of Camouflage Gear: 1/10

Was That It? Scale: 10/10


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