Ranking All Of Sean Bean's Movie Deaths From Lamest To Best

18. Lorna Doone - Drowned In A River

Lord of the Rings

Is there anything more satisfying than a revenge story that ends with the villain getting his comeuppance? Yes, there is! A revenge story that ends in a brutal and gory death - and not this disappointing scene we got at the end of Lorna Doone.

Lorna Doone was released in 1990 and stars Clive Owen, Polly Walker (Rome) and an actress by the incredible name of Honeysuckle Weeks.

In this period drama, Clive Owen is seeking to avenge the death of his father by killing Carver Doone (Sean Bean), the son of his father's murderer. The film ends in a stand off between Carver Doone and Clive Owen's character John Ridd. After some PG-rated sword fighting, Ridd eventually overpowers Doone and he is thrown into a nearby mire and drowns.

Although death by drowning is certainly a nasty way to go, this drowning scene looked more like a drunk uncle flailing around in a paddling pool than a dramatic death and therefore doesn't even scratch the top 15.

Convincing Drowning: 5/10

Dramatic Final Shot of His Outstretched Hand Sinking Into the Water: 8/10

Clive Owen's Cheek Bones: 10/10


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