Ranking All The Alien & Predator Movies, From Worst To Best

Where does The Predator stand with his Alien brethren?

Alien Vs Predator

Two of Fox’s signature franchises seemed destined to intertwine and become linked as one series; both original instalments subverted their specific genres - Alien (1977) the horror movie, Predator (1986) the action movie. They also created landmark central creatures and took B-movie cliches and elevated them to A-list standards.

Dark Horse comics held publishing rights to both properties and after having massive success with each, decided to pit them together in a landmark 1989 mini-series. The response was so massive 20th Century Fox decided to throw an official nod to it in Predator 2 (1990) with the Alien skull sitting on the Predator's trophy mantel.

Certainly, its been a bumpy road for both franchises since their initial classic entries yet each movie has an enthusiast filmmaker behind it, attempting to stake out an individual stamp on the franchise - whether they tried and failed, there is still always a genuine pulse pumping in the film's vision - which is rare for two tentpoles studio franchises.

Staking out a clear-cut order for these films is a high-task, every fan has their own distinct assortment, even with what stands at number one. So this all comes down to a strong personal preference - although I'm sure everyone will agree with my bottom entry.

12. Alien Vs Predator: Requiem (2007)

Alien Vs Predator
20th Century Fox

Most weren’t expecting much from debuting directors the Strause brothers and their sequel to a lambasted spin-off...but at least fans were getting an R-rating this time? Nope, it didn't help this giant turd for numerous reasons.

Tossing the Sci-fI monsters into the small-town USA setting swiftly evaporated all mystique from them. Also, proceedings were filled with painful dialogue, dull characters and coasting TV actors more at home in a Z-grade slasher movie. It swiftly sent this duo of A-list creatures to the bottom of the horror barrel.

In all fairness, the directors seemed happy with their head in the gutter - they're pumped to deliver gore-hounds plenty of monster action and grisly kills - but they even fail to deliver on trashy fun terms.

The action scenes are indecipherably shot like a Bourne movie with the lights turned off; it's a dark and confusing mess. Considering the director's obvious affinity for the Predator and practical old-school effects, it's a baffling approach.

What R-rated scenes do shine through are plain nasty - the graphic deaths of children or pregnant woman leave a bitter taste - making this not just a terrible movie but a juvenile and mean-spirited one too. Skip it.

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