Ranking All The Alien & Predator Movies, From Worst To Best

11. Prometheus (2012)

Alien Vs Predator
20th Century Fox

The most divisive entry out the franchise; some feels it's a misunderstood gem, others feel it's weak Alien origin tale. Personally, it has all the elements to be a rejuvenating masterpiece that should've set things off in an exciting new direction, yet a half-baked script turns everything into an infuriating mess.

The screenplay contains plenty of enticing food-for-thought but the ideas just sit there, never explored in a feasible manner. It's all fairly schizo as well; is it existential Sci-Fi? A rollercoaster blockbuster? A chilling Alien prequel? It dips its fingers in all but is a master of none - creating more questions than answering them.

Plus, all the high-brow themes just make the baffling dumb decisions by one-note characters more apparent. It's a shame since the ensemble is one of the strongest the franchise has seen but none register (other than Michael Fassbender's fascinating android).

Ridley Scott's visuals are to die for, the new gruesome creatures are thoughtfully designed, plus an improv abortion scene grips the nerves. It's not a terrible watch - and it even fails on interesting terms - regardless, with this crew it had no right to be so half-assed and disappointing as it is.

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