Ranking August 2018's Movies From Worst To Best

Summer blockbuster season grinds to a halt.

Jason Statham The Meg
Warner Bros

The end of August also signals the tail-end of summer blockbuster season, and Hollywood wound things to a close with a diverse mix of extravagant tentpole flicks, surging genre efforts and some awards-courting art-house films.

August was an absolutely stacked month for releases both in cinemas and on Netflix, and unsurprisingly the quality was all over the place. There were only a few out-and-out duds, at least, and not a single one of them was remotely surprising.

If you were in the market for mediocre entertainment that would exit your brain within hours, though, August had a lot to offer, while a few films defied expectations to deliver more dynamic thrills than anticipated.

September meanwhile begins the transition into awards season, serving up late-summer stragglers such as The Nun, The Predator, Crazy Rich Asians and Mile 22 alongside classier awards-friendly offerings like The Miseducation Of Cameron Post and The Wife.

Before September kicks off, though, here's everything that hit screens both big and small in August...


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