Ranking Every Disney Princess From Worst To Best

As it turns out, all those "What Disney Princess Are You?" quizzes may actually be insulting you.

Disney Moana

Apart from Mickey Mouse, there are no characters more integral to Disney's success than its princesses.

These animated women have inspired people for generations with their undeniable beauty, their heart-wrenching solo ballads, and even their clothing. But most importantly, it's their personalities that keep people coming back to watch their films. So, having just watched every movie in the Disney animated pantheon for the purpose of ranking them for this website, your writer felt it apropos to also rank their iconic protagonists, as well.

A few notes before we begin: first, this list will be based on the official Disney Princess website's list of princesses. So if you read this list and say to yourself, "Hey, what the heck? Megara from Hercules should be #1!", just know that Disney doesn't consider her a princess, apparently.

Secondly, though Merida from Brave is listed among this group, she will not be included as she's from Disney Pixar, which I consider separate. Also, I haven't seen Brave.

Finally, I won't be ranking these princesses based on movie quality; just on character quality. In other words, just because a certain princess is ranked lowly does not mean that the movie that they're in is a bad movie.

13. Snow White - Snow White

Disney Moana

Snow White is a... dated character.

She's not a well-developed protagonist at all. She kind of just sings, dances, cooks, cleans, and quickly falls in love with a vanilla prince. That's pretty much it for her.

And what sort of message does she send? That all you have to do is be sweet and nice and good things will happen to you? That you're completely helpless without a man (or seven)? That you don't actually need to have common sense, as long as you have dreams?

Ultimately, Snow White is used as little more than a plot device throughout the film. Things just sort of happen around her while other, more substantial characters (yes, even the one-note dwarfs have more fleshed-out personalities than Snow White does) carry the story.

Of course, she is the first-ever Disney princess, so one can't be too hard on her. But compared to her successors, she is certainly the weakest of the bunch.

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