Ranking Every Halloween Film From Worst To Best

Some tricks, some treats and a whole lot of bloodshed, these are the best and worst Halloween films.

Halloween Kills
Universal Pictures

One of the most legendary names in horror, the Halloween series has been making a literal killing at the box office for an impressive forty-two years now.

All off of the back of the pasty-faced terror Michael Myers - one of the genre's most recognisable icons, and one that can still trigger involuntary bowel movements just by peering through windows.

Over the course of its storied life, the series has seen incredible highs and genuinely shocking lows that mark it as one of the more interesting franchises the genre has to offer - should you have both the stones and intestinal fortitude to see it through to the end.

As a result of numerous director changes, rushed productions, and a lack of respect for continuity, the series has fallen out of favour with many in recent years, but don't let that dissuade you, as several films in the series are bonafide classics.

Like any long-running series, there's bound to be a few stinkers in the bunch, so it's worth understanding which are worth watching so you can prioritise your Halloween viewing and sample the very best that this series has to offer.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

11. Halloween: Resurrection

Halloween Kills
Dimension Films

We're kicking things off with the absolute worst thing this franchise has to offer.

This sequel to 1998's soft-reboot Halloween H20 - which we'll get to later - is more than just plain bad, it's downright insulting to long-time viewers.

Literally opening with the unceremonious murder of Laurie Strode, you'd think that things couldn't get worse, yet somehow they do. The cast is unlikable, the kills are boring, and it feels like an absolute slog to get through.

Centred around a live web-cast from inside the infamous Myers house, this sequel tried to keep on top of current trends, but in doing so, has meant that the film feels very dated, despite it being the most recent mainline film in the series' base continuity.

At times it almost verges on being so bad it's good, but falls just short of that mark by being so utterly baffling in its execution - which definitely makes it that much worse. Adding insult to injury, this film was directed by Rick Rosenthal, a man who was responsible for one of the series absolute best films.

For shame Rick, for shame.

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