Ranking Every Predator From Worst To Best

Who is the ultimate hunter?

Predator Series
20th Century Fox

As the galaxy's deadliest extraterrestrial hunter, the Predator has been a pop culture icon since its debut in 1987. Silent, invisible and with a memorable face beneath its mask, it has appeared in numerous sequels from 1990's Predator 2 to the upcoming movie Prey. It has also appeared outside the realm of film through video games, comic books as well as crossovers with the Alien, Terminator, DC and Mortal Kombat universes. And while there have been multiple Predators, which among them deserves the title of the ultimate hunter?

Two things to note: first, the Predators that will be mentioned here will be the main Predators that had significant screen time in their movies. That means that cameos such as the Elder Predator and its tribe members from Predator 2 will not be counted.

Second, the Predators will be ranked by their design as well as how well-utilized they were during their screentime. This means that a high ranking Predator doesn't reflect the quality of the movie it appeared in.

12. Chopper - Alien vs. Predator

Predator Series
20th Century Fox

In the 2004 crossover Alien vs. Predator, there were three main Predators. As youngbloods of their clan, these hunters were sent to hunt the Alien or the Xenomorphs in order to prove themselves. Among them was the Predator named Chopper. Named after his oversized scimitars, Chopper had a gill-like bio mask while having trophy skulls attached to its back.

After killing several of the supporting cast, Chopper directed its attention to protagonist, Alexa Woods. As it tried to kill her with its blades, it didn't realize that there was something far more dangerous behind it. This resulted in the creature being stabbed in the chest by a Xenomorph tail. And as the two titular characters came face to face, the alien bit Chopper in the head, killing it for good.

Having the least amount of screentime out of the three Predators, Chopper's role in the film was just to showcase how deadly the Aliens really are. Because of this, it never truly got to showcase the extent of its combat prowess and served only as cannon fodder for the film.

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