Ranking Every Predator From Worst To Best

11. Assassin - The Predator

Predator Series
20th Century Fox

The 2018 film The Predator gave us the Upgrade or the Assassin Predator. Genetically enhanced with a built-in organic armor, this new kind of Predator was tasked to hunt down a rogue member of its species. Halfway through the film, it confronted its target and killed the smaller Predator. Towering over its fellow brethren, Assassin served as the main antagonist of the film until it was killed by Quinn McKenna with the help of his son, Rory.

This Predator was unfortunately an example that bigger doesn't always mean better. Ironically, Assassin just didn't have the DNA that made the Predator great. All the mystique and the interesting aspects of the previous creatures were removed and transformed into a generic CGI monster.

Special effects aside, this Predator also suffered from an uninspired design. While other Predators shone through their intricate mask and armor designs, Assassin was just a naked movie monster without any personality. At the same time, this Predator also had Predator hounds though even these paled in comparison to the ones featured in 2010's Predators.

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