Ranking Every Richard Linklater Film Worst To Best

18. SubUrbia (1996)

School Of Rock
Castle Rock

SubUrbia sees the director take on the tough job of adapting a play for the screen, and because he didn't write it a lot of the dialogue and characters seem to awkwardly clash with Linklater's signature naturalistic style.

On top of that, watching it, you can't help but think that Linklater's trying his damnedest to relive the popularity of Dazed and Confused, which came out a few years earlier and launched him to superstardom. The film follows a group of friends who hang out outside of a corner store and begin to contemplate their uncertain futures.

There are some interesting discussions within the story, including some frank assessments of how difficult it can be to think about the future, but as a whole SubUrbia is a bit too uninspired an affair for someone as skilled and daring as Linklater. It's got an ace soundtrack, though.


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