Ranking Every Scorsese/DiCaprio Collaboration Movie From Worst To Best

The fruits of the most admired power couple in Hollywood...

The Departed Martin Scorsese Leonardo Dicaprio
Warner Bros.

Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio are two outstanding individuals at the very pinnacle of their respective professions. Putting them together makes magic on an entirely different scale altogether.

When audiences were first treated to the pair's collaborative work in 2002, few could have had no idea just how obsessed the pair would get with each other, and how successful the films produced by this unofficial bromance of Hollywood would become. It would seem that DiCaprio has found his true soulmate in the unlikeliest place.

And as wonderful as the five films created by the pair really are, we are nothing without order. So lets plot a course through all five to determine which of their collaborations deserves the most praise.

Here's every DiCaprio/Scorsese team-up ranked in order of awesomeness...

5. Shutter Island

The Departed Martin Scorsese Leonardo Dicaprio
Paramount Pictures

The fear factor in this psychological thriller is actually pretty tame, but the wild staring eyes of Ben Kingsley will haunt your dreams forever.

Shutter Island gives us all the classic thriller clich├ęs: the inescapable spit of land, the seemingly evil Englishman, the lack of contact with the outside world... But what this movie does so well is bring a genuine horror element to a picture that is inherently Hollywood mainstream.

Shutter Island is by no means the greatest thriller ever put to the silver screen, but it was a brave move by Scorsese to delve into such a dramatically different genre after the success of The Departed.

It's currently 187th on the IMDB Top 250, which makes it the 187th best film ever made... And if you haven't watched it, watch it, but don't read the couple of paragraphs you've just read before hand because it kind of gives the game away.


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