Ranking Every Scorsese/DiCaprio Collaboration Movie From Worst To Best

4. Gangs Of New York

The Departed Martin Scorsese Leonardo Dicaprio

It's obviously hard, but let's just try and get through this section focused entirely on the DiCaprio/Scorsese element of the film and not go near the elephant in the room that is Daniel Day-Lewis and his co-star level moustache.

Gangs was a truly epic movie and the first collaboration between our two cinema gods. It was a motion picture built on such solid foundations that not even a sustained attempt by Cameron Diaz could bring it to its knees.

Yet, whilst no one could argue with any of that, Martin Scorsese's previous works and cherished reputation meant many people viewed it in a somewhat unfavourable light. I mean, once you've achieved perfection with Taxi Driver and Goodfellas, where do you go?

Down, that's where.

No one's saying it's a bad film because it isn't - it's a great film, but it's just not perfect. And that allows for some unwelcome distraction, like noticing how much DiCaprio purses his lips all the way through. Seriously, try and unnotice that now.

Of all the collaboration films, this has to be considered the most epic. Blending real historical events with fictional individual situations and tackling a host of heavy themes whilst trying to maintain an invested interest in just two main characters do leave the picture feeling a little bloated, but the film packs a punch and is certainly worth a watch or two.


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