Ranking March 2015’s Movies From Worst To Best

From Vince Vaughn's latest flop, to the divisive Chappie and some fantastic art-house horror...

March has come to an end, which means that 25% of the year's cinematic output is done. January through to March is typically the worst time of the year for movies, what with studios quietly dumping their detritus amid all the awards hubbub, but with the Oscars very much in the rear view, the focus has steered a little more towards exciting blockbuster fare this past month. So, what came out? Well, a slew of great indie horror films, a few ego-massaging star vehicles which fell flat, and several middling big-budget outings which completely split audiences and critics. At its best, March brought some of the most inventive low-budget filmmaking out there, as well as some efficient, top-dollar Hollywood entertainment too, while at its worst, promising filmmakers completely botched their latest projects, and ambitious works that were easy to root for just didn't quite make the grade. Like any month, it's been a mix of disappointments and successes, though it certainly boasted more diverting content than either January or February, and again, there was nothing as unconscionably terrible as either Taken 3 or Mortdecai, so that's something. As for what awaits film buffs over the next month? Blockbuster season well and truly kicks off as the world says goodbye to Paul Walker in Furious 7, Tom Hardy takes on Child 44, Kevin James falls over a lot in Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, and Avengers: Age of Ultron is going to run riot all over the box office. Here are March 2015's movies ranked from worst to best...


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