Ranking: Nicolas Cage's Insane Hairstyles From Worst To Best

Put the hair conditioner back in the box.

Nicolas Cage Ghost Rider Con Air Season Of The Witch
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Love him or hate him, there's no actor out there quite like Nicolas Cage. He's won an Oscar, grossed billions of dollars worldwide...and in recent years become the King of straight-to-video action thrillers.

There's a semi-ironic cult of fandom surrounding Cage these days, with almost as much admiration being shown for his erratically fluctuating hairstyles as for the characters he creates.

Though Cage typically defers to just slicking his hair back for whatever direct-to-VOD nonsense he's peddling out, every so often he'll still emerge with an unforgettably wacky hairstyle that can help define the character at its best, and at least give fans a few laughs at its worst.

From one of the most unfortunate wigs in cinema history through to epically awesome beards and flowing locks, here is every insane Nicolas Cage hairstyle ranked from worst to best...

18. The Donald (Adaptation)

Nicolas Cage Ghost Rider Con Air Season Of The Witch
Columbia Pictures

Sure, Cage wore a wig for his part in Spike Jonze's comedy masterpiece, but does that make his oddball appearance any less grotesque in the long run?

Yes, his look is supposed to be unflattering, but the insanity is literally doubled as Cage plays not only protagonist Charlie Kaufman, but his twin brother Donald also.

At least Cage did score an Oscar nomination for his commitment, though it's amazing awards voters could actually pay attention to his performance considering how distracting that hair do is.

In case you ever doubted Cage's willingness to hurl himself into a role no matter how it might affect his Google image gallery, here's the proof.

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