Ranking September 2016's Movies - From Worst To Best

Summer is officially over.

Mark Wahlberg Deepwater Horizon Eva Green Miss Peregrine
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The summer is over, and awards season is on the horizon. September is always a bit of an awkward month as far as films go, caught between the dregs of blockbuster season and the most eager awards fare, but at least it ensures the month is usually a pretty diverse one.

September 2016 no doubt served up a number of satisfying blockbusters, not to mention a surprisingly effective Oscar-baiting flick, and one out-of-nowhere genre film that's destined for cult status. Just be grateful there wasn't anything in cinemas this past month as howlingly awful as last September's The Transporter Refueled.

Yes, it wasn't all good, with one especially disappointing horror sequel unleashed upon audiences, but there was still more than enough post-summer comfort food to go around. As for what October has to offer? The Girl on the Train, Louis Theroux's Scientology movie, Inferno, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Ouija: Origin of Evil, Trolls, and of course, Doctor freaking Strange among much more.

Here are September 2016's movies ranked from worst to best...

12. Morgan

Mark Wahlberg Deepwater Horizon Eva Green Miss Peregrine

RottenTomatoes Score: 39% (5.1/10 average score)

Box Office: Made for $8 million and making exactly that figure back to date, Morgan is neither a bust nor a success.

Verdict: Ridley Scott's son Luke directs this promising but ultimately disappointing sci-fi thriller in the vein of Ex-Machina. Though Anya Taylor-Joy gives a remarkable performance as the title character and Paul Giamatti practically steals the movie in his single scene, there's ultimately little in the way of a satisfying payoff, what with the third act devolving into a slasher movie with an hilariously predictable twist ending.

Also, for as good as the cinemtography is, the fight scenes are horrendously edited, ending up more headache-inducing than exciting. Directorial inexperience was a big part of the problem here, but the script was plenty muddled too.


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