Ranking The Best Characters From Snatch - 20 Years Later

It's not a tickling competition; these lads are out to hurt each other.

Columbia Pictures

What do we know about diamonds? Not as much as we know about Guy Ritchie's iconic 2000 Brit hit. It's hard to believe it's been twenty years, but that's the nature of time; it moves faster than a hare outrunning two lurchers.

Two decades on, Snatch remains arguably the most celebrated (not to mention quotable) of Ritchie's oeuvre. It brings all of the director's trademarks together, including the gritty underworld setting, inimitable visual style, rollicking soundtrack, and larger than life characters into one supremely entertaining package. Snatch stands at the top of the mountain when it comes not only to British crime films, but modern British cinema as a whole.

That's not even mentioning the film's standout quality: its humour. Snatch is frequently hilarious, with every one of its sparkling characters spouting lines that live long in the memory with wit and style. The diamond caper at the centre of the plot spins ruthless gangsters, jewellery enthusiasts, bumbling wannabes and travelling boxers into a breathless web of violence and laughs.

It's nigh on impossible to watch Snatch without its characters carving out permanent places in that part of the brain seemingly reserved for pop culture references and quotes. While the film is filled with standout faces and chases, here are the best, brashest, and not necessarily brightest characters to be found. What were you expecting to see? "Zee Germans?"


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