Ranking The Coen Brothers Movies From Worst To Best

16. The Hudsucker Proxy

No Country For Old Men
Warner Bros/Universal

Such is the quality of the Coen Brothers, that this list pretty quickly accelerates from not very good to very decent film fare already. The Hudsucker Proxy is a very decent film but quite simply falls short of standards set by the rest of the entries on the list.

The film is absolutely gorgeous for a start, the art direction and Roger Deakins cinematography make for an incredibly unique looking film that was well ahead of its time back in 1994. The premise is incredibly interesting as well, as Tim Robbin’s bumbling mail room clerk is inserted as a puppet president of a huge company.

However, the reason it finds itself so low on this list is, quite simply, the film does not live up to this potential. Its overall tone make it incredibly hard to take it seriously when it needs to be, and it's not enough of a consistent laugh to justifiably claim itself as a comedy either. The Hudsucker Proxy just doesn’t quite seem to know what it’s supposed to be. There is quite a lot to like about this film from its beauty to Robbins more than serviceable performance, but it falls flat in too many areas to climb any higher than this.


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