Ranking The MCU Captain America Suits From Worst To Best

The fashion taste of the Star-Spangled Man with the plan.

Captain America MCU Outfits
Marvel Studios

The Captain America suit is one of the most difficult costumes to translate into live-action - because a man wearing an American flag should be ridiculous - but Marvel Studios have made it look so easy.

The solution to grounding the icon is so simple: Captain America is a soldier just as much as he is a superhero, so make it look like a military uniform. In this context, all the utilitarian properties - such as belt buckles, straps, utility belts, army boots and so on - that might look busy or only decorative on other superheroes, are tailor-made, if not essential.

The question is, which ensemble is the best of all? In the reign of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, most of the suits the Blue Avenger wears in the movies and TV shows are the best superhero costumes ever seen on screen. Without exaggeration, the outfits of Cap raised the standard for what a cinematic superhero can look like.

It does not matter if it's Steve Rogers, John Walker, or Sam Wilson, if they held the title of Captain America, what they wore for heroics will be accounted for and analyzed here for your reading pleasure.

Finding the best Captain America outfit is a difficult task, but don’t worry, we can do this all day.

11. The Original Avengers Suit

Captain America MCU Outfits

In The Avengers (2012), Captain America is meant to look like a classic superhero rather than military personnel. The result is a look that is hard to take seriously. It wants to be a skin-tight suit like in the comics, but it also wants to appear as if all of the pieces serve a purpose. Those two ideas clash because the suit is obviously impractical.

The main issue is the cheap-looking helmet, which makes Steve look goofy. Without it, the man is presentable, but with it, it is like he bought a costume from a store somewhere. A better-looking helmet would not do Rogers any justice because the body is not heavily padded anymore, leaving Steve with a disproportionately large head no matter what. The better choice would have been just a mask made of cloth.

The cardinal sin here is that we are meant to take Captain America seriously as the field leader of The Avengers, but he looks more like a guy hanging out with the team while in a Halloween costume. Whatever decision that should have looked good in theory, did not go so well in execution.

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