Ranking The World's Highest Paid Actresses By Their Debut Film Roles

There's a lot to be embarrassed about here...


There’s no one starting point to becoming the Hollywood elite. The highest paid actresses in the world paved their way from a whole host of places: some stole roles in their daddy’s film, others took on small characters in little independents and few bagged gigs in massive blockbusters.

Unsurprisingly, with the debut films of these actresses, there’s lots to be embarrassed about, much sweetness from young faces and some genuinely incredible performances.

And to prove that the elite all have to start somewhere (and not always somewhere good), let's look at the debut films from the top ten highest paid actresses of 2019, so you can make your mind up on who’s humble beginning was better than others.


10. Mila Kunis - Santa With Muscles (1996)

Cabin Fever Entertainment

The film is called Santa With Muscles, of course it’s terrible.

Santa With Muscles follows the classic Christmas redemption arc as evil millionaire Blake Thorn (played by Hulk Hogan) gets amnesia during a police chase and begins to believe that he is Santa Claus. He goes on to save an orphanage from an evil villain and the kids have a happy Christmas - that's pretty much all you need to know. There’s nothing more to it than terrible acting, directing, characterisation and writing, not even morbid curiosity is a worthwhile reason to watch this film, it really is that bad.

And Mila Kunis? Well she’s just about young enough to be forgiven for appearing in this disaster. After all, a job’s a job.


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