Razzies 2020: 10 Nominees That Make No Sense

Justice for Bruce Willis.

Glass Bruce Willis

On the eve of the Academy Awards, the nominees were announced for the annual Golden Raspberry Awards - better know as the Razzies.

The Razzies aims to celebrate the "worst" in the previous year of film, but as anyone who's followed them in any depth knows, the half-joking awards body tends to actually vote for those movies which are simply fashionable to hate at the time.

The history of the Razzies is full of baffling and embarrassing nominations, be it giving Danny DeVito a Worst Supporting Actor nod for Batman Returns, handing Stanley Kubrick a Worst Director nomination for The Shining, or giving the legendary Ennio Morricone a Worst Original Score nod for his sublime synth work on The Thing.

As such, though the Razzies' goal is seemingly to make fun of the most pathetically awful movies of the year, the voting body's tastes don't always age well, and clearly, 2020 is sure to be no exception.

Across this year's categories, there are a number of thoroughly undeserving nominees, from genuinely good films getting slapped with bizarre nominations for the sake of publicity, to simply mediocre films that were too forgettable to actually be nomination-worthy...


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