Re-Casting The Lord Of The Rings Movies If They Came Out Today

17. Saruman - Jeremy Irons

Lord Of The Rings

Let's face it, whoever plays Saruman will have some huge shoes to fill. And not just because the original actor, Christopher Lee, was 6ft 5.

If the LOTR films came out today, they would probably tie in with Amazon's tv show, and whoever takes on the role will probably be weighed down enough cameo appearances to make Stan Lee camera shy. As such, Saruman needs to be a recognizable actor of calibre, with a reputation for playing malevolent and powerful characters.

Enter Jeremy Irons, the silky voiced thespian behind such schemers as Scar from the Lion King, and Rodrigo Borgia from, well... the Borgias.

Irons has made a living from playing characters who radiate intelligence and corruption, which coincidentally Saruman's two most dominant traits. While Christopher Lee excelled at portraying the White Wizard's natural authority and arrogance, Irons could very much take a different route, showing the more cunning and false-faced side of Saruman.

While not exactly physically imposing, either in stature or in voice, Irons could use this to his advantage, playing a Saruman who is much more adept at beguiling his opponents through magic, as opposed to relying on his natural air of superiority. And, if Irons is cast, we'll at least get to see him with a cool Wizard beard.


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