Reiner returns with The Bucket List

Nicholson and Freeman die for Rob Reiner - our first look at The Bucket List

Yesterday we bought you the trailer for Francis Ford Coppola's Youth Without Youth, and I made the point that Coppola, like Rob Reiner, may have lost "it". Coppola hasn't made a film in a while but Reiner's career has been on a slow downward spiral for the past decade. Rumour Has It, Alex & Emma, The Story of Us... and this from a guy who started his career with a bang.

Reiner's first half dozen films were superb. I can't think of any director who's had a hot streak like Reiner did early in his career. This Is Spinal Tap and Stand By Me are two of my favourite films so it's especially frustrating to see him continue to churn out poor movies.

His latest film, The Bucket List, features two terminally ill senior citizens (played by Morgan Freeman and a shaven Jack Nicholson) escape their cancer ward and set off on a road trip to have a few more big adventures before they die. The trailer is up at Yahoo with Freeman cranking up the sentimental Shawshank voice-over to the max. Nicholson and Freeman are always great to watch and if they spark well together, and from the trailer it looks like they have, they could carry this to box office success even if Reiner drops the ball yet again.

source - yahoo
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