RoboCop: 10 Hilarious TV Edits That Ruined The Film

robocop01 You might hate the fact that Hollywood is going through a phase where the PG-13 rating is the holy grail for all big budget releases, but they will argue that they have their reasons. With a PG-13 rating, whole families can go see a movie together and for the studio that equates as more box office receipts. For that reason, they have almost given up on making big budget films for adults only. A PG-13 film will have toned down violence and language. Anything that could be considered offensive is edited out. That might be fine for family movies, but when 'adult' franchises start getting the same treatment, then that satisfies no one. That is also one of the reasons why people are so dubious about the forthcoming RoboCop reboot. The Paul Verhoeven RoboCop is famous for its perfect blend of satire and over-the-top violence, the reboot is rumored to be more of a straight forward movie that people of all ages can enjoy. But the studio has a short memory, RoboCop has already been put through the family friendly filter with RoboCop 3, the cartoon and the live action TV Series. And it became clear that with a property like RoboCop, he just doesn't work as another superhero for kids to carry on lunch boxes. Like Judge Dread, RoboCop should always be for adults only. But while studios will 'family friendly' their movies for profit, TV companies will post edit a film so that it complies with regulations. Also factors like the time of day a film is broadcast, that will also prompt TV Companies to consider editing out content they believe to be inappropriate. While that is expected and understood, there are times when they can go too far. When RoboCop had its television premier in the UK in 1994 on ITV; mindful of the film's reputation, they decided to air an edited version of the film, even though it was being broadcast at 10.30 pm!! They gave a warning at the beginning that the film that it will contain scenes of an upsetting nature. But for some reason, they where OK with the violence but had problems with the harsh language. According to ITV, it was fine to see a rapist have his testicles blown off BUT as long as he didn't blurt out any naughty words while rolling around in pain. Recorded in glorious ''Long Play'' on VHS, here are 10 unintentionally hilarious edits that ruined the greatest film to come out of the 1980's.
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