RoboCop: 10 Hilarious TV Edits That Ruined The Film

10. Crumbag Clients

Original1 Robert DoQui as Sargent Reed is one of the little reasons that makes RoboCop so awesome. The grouchy station Sargent had no problem putting his size 9 up anyone's butt if he felt they were stepping out of line. Feeling the pressure that is causing so many police officers to consider going on strike, Sargent Reed is harassed by a suspect's lawyer who picked the worst time to try and debate the distinction between murder and attempted murder. He argues:
''Attempted murder? It's not like he killed someone.''
In the normal cut, Reed loses his temper grabs the slimy lawyer and utters one of the best lines in the film:
''Your client's a scumbag, you're a scumbag, and scumbags see the judge on Monday morning. Now get out of my office, and take laughing boy with you!''
But apparently, a minor word like ''scumbag'' was too much. The word got replaced with ''Crumbag.'' By that I assume a bag full of crumbs is less offensive than a bag full of scum. But on a plus point, whoever dubbed Reed did a good job of impersonating him.
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