Ron Howard to direct Frost/Nixon

ronhoward.jpgIt was rumoured over the weekend but it's now official, Ron Howard will be directing Peter Morgan's play Frost/Nixon for Universal Pictures. The play is set in 1977 around the interviews between David Frost and then U.S. President Richard Nixon where Nixon guiltly admitted his role in the Watergate Scandal. The play is currently running in London where Ron Howard is said to have watched and hurriedly made sure he nabbed the rights of the play so he could direct a movie adaptation. In the show Michael Sheen plays the talk show host Frost whilst the legend that is Frank Langella (SKELETOR!!!) plays Nixon. Hopefully they can convince Langella and Sheen to reprise their roles on screen as they have been said to have great chemistry together and are the real stars of the play. mmm... Not sure how well this will translate into a feature length movie and Ron Howard is very hit or miss for me. For every great bit of cinematic work like Cinderella Man or A Beautiful Mind there is also The Missing or Edtv. source - variety, coming soon
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