Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: Every Evil Ex Fight Ranked Worst To Best

Some battles were tougher than others, but which one was the best?

Scott Pilgrim Movie Characters
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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a phenomenal adaptation of the incredibly fun Bryan Lee O'Malley graphic novels. Edgar Wright truly brought the series to life in such a unique and exceptionally well-crafted way. The action is quick-paced, the acting is very in-keeping, and the editing style frequently makes the film feel like a living video game.

The story of the comic and film follows Scott Pilgrim, a young heartbreaker who comes across the mysterious and cool Ramona Flowers. However, upon beginning to date her, he is informed that he has to battle each member of her League of Evil Exes.

Part of what makes the film work is the fact that the action sequences are incredibly well choreographed and full of creativity, and each evil ex fight is given a completely different vibe to make sure that they all end up feeling unique. Additionally, every ex has a different set of powers that are connected to Ramona's past, allowing for each fight to also add development to the character.

All of these exes are amazing in their own ways, but, with that being said, some take the story in a far more interesting direction and add better qualities to the film.

A heavy spoiler warning is in effect, of course, as we rank each of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World's evil exes fights.

6. Kyle and Ken Katayanagi - Exes Number 5 and 6

Scott Pilgrim Movie Characters
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This battle with the Katayanagi twins is the only Scott Pilgrim vs. the World fight to feel disappointing, and it easily ranks as the worst match-up thanks to some primary factors that make it feel both lacklustre and redundant.

The first problem with the sequence is the fact that the twins have absolutely no development. These antagonists don't even get any dialogue, and this ultimately harms the fight. Each battle is an insight into Ramona's past, and by loosing out on the narrative connection between her and these two, Kyle and Ken feel inconsequential.

Additionally, while they are clearly shown to be quite powerful, this entire segment is only there to introduce the primary antagonist Gideon. Each other evil ex has been the complete focus of their sequence, but here we have more build for the next fight rather than a focus on this one.

Finally, whilst it does feel different and breaks up the traditional hand-to-hand combat, the sequence isn't particularly compelling in regards to the fighting. There are no real physical interactions with the twins, and the giant CGI monsters feel entirely separated from our characters, leading to no cathartic payoff when the fight ends.


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