Scream 7: 10 Things We Want To See

9. Sam & Tara's Mother

Scream Stu

Surely the single biggest question mark surrounding Scream's Requel Era is Christina Carpenter - the as-yet unseen mother of Sam and Tara.

We know that Christina was away on business in London when Tara was attacked in their first movie, and Scream VI revealed that Christina cut Sam off after she revealed her mother's involvement with Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) to Tara, which then led to Tara cutting her mother off out of solidarity.

Given how much we've heard about Christina, and that she seemingly grew up in Woodsboro near Sidney during the original Ghostface killings, it seems incredibly likely that she'll make her first on-screen appearance in Scream 7.

It'd certainly make for some fraught mother-daughter drama, and though some fans would love to see her playing the next killer, that'd just seem way too pat and obvious. A victim, though? Perhaps.

Melissa Barrera has already thrown her support towards Salma Hayek to play Christina, though again, it's pretty obvious and unadventurous. What about Morena Baccarin, Paz Vega, or Eva Longoria?

Given that Scream 7 will be the climax of a new trilogy of movies and probably follow Scream 3's lead by having "the sins of the past" resurfacing, it'd be completely baffling if we weren't finally introduced to Sam and Tara's mother.

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