SDCC 2019: 7 Biggest Surprises From The Marvel Phase 4 Panel

Marvel returned to SDCC with all guns blazing.


After skipping San Diego Comic Con last year, and then delivering some of the best superhero content ever in the form of Avengers Endgame since then, Marvel really had to pull out all the stops to make their return this year worthwhile - and my goodness did they.

Feige and co. held little back when it came to pleasing the fans, all of the projects they announced sending the live crowd screaming (though that's to be expected at an event like SDCC) and breaking the internet afterward due to how amazing each and every series or movie sounded.

Another Waititi helmed Thor? Brilliant. Doctor Strange 2? Wonderful. BLADE? Absolutely marvellous.

Of course, these announcements would not have had quite the same impact had they all been known prior to the panel, meaning that there were plenty of surprises throughout the presentation - here are the biggest ones...

7. Kate Bishop Joins The MCU

Marvel Studios

It has been rumoured for quite some time now that Kate Bishop will be joining the MCU, it seeming as though the character would debut in Avengers Endgame, though this never came to be and so fans were left wondering if the hero would ever make the jump from the comics - now though, there is confirmation that she will be.

With the announcement of the Hawkeye Disney Plus series came definite confirmation that Bishop would be joining Clint Barton on-screen, the character's silhouette being shown as a part of the short promotional video that officially revealed the show.

If that video is anything to go by then 2021's Hawkeye will draw heavily from the incredible Matt Fraction & David Aja run on the hero - meaning that Bishop is sure to play a large role, here's hoping that she's as much of a joy in live action as she is in the comics.


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