Shang-Chi: 21 WTF Moments

19. Shang-Chi Totally Ruins A Woman's Research Paper

Shang Chi Death Dealer
Marvel Studios

Just before the action kicks off on the bus, Shang-Chi's best pal Katy (Awkwafina) points out a young Asian woman writing a research paper while on the bus, crudely adding that she's exactly the type of daughter her mother wished she had.

This ends up paying off later in the action sequence when hulking mercenary Razor Fist (Florian Munteanu) attacks Shang-Chi. Out of desperation, Shang-Chi grabs the woman's laptop despite her protests and uses it to defend himself from Razor Fist.

Unsurprisingly, it ends up getting cut in half moments later, before he sheepishly hands it back to her with a half-baked apology.

Hopefully she had the paper backed up on the cloud, because otherwise Shang-Chi just ruined that woman's entire research paper - and maybe her career.

Not exactly superhero behaviour there, dude.


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