Shang-Chi & The Legend Of The Ten Rings: 8 HUGE Questions Raised By The Post Credit Scenes

6. What Are Xialing's Plans With The Ten Rings?

Shang-Chi and the Legend Of The Ten Rings poster
Marvel Studios

When Wenwu was killed by the Dweller in Darkness stealing his soul, he passed the Ten Rings onto his son. This however, was not the only consequence of his death, as the army he had spent years building was left without a leader.

While Shang-Chi believed his sister was dismantling the remnants of the organisation, she was actually simply taking her father’s place at the head of its table, with a few changes of course. One thing that didn’t change however, was the flag that flew behind her, depicting the weapons for which the army took its name.

It’s unlikely that Xialing would lead an army called the Ten Rings without having the Ten Rings to wield herself. She may also feel that she has just as much a claim to them as her brother does. Could this then lead to a clash between Wenwu’s two children over the fate of the ancient artefacts?

The movie confirmed that the Ten Rings would definitely return in the future of the franchise, but when? There will no doubt be a sequel to Shang-Chi, but if Xialing is planning on taking on the Avengers to get to the Ten Rings, could they be seen before then?


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